Have you ever heard about Content Marketing?

As you know, Traditional marketing is becoming less and less efficient by the time, and as a progressive marketer, you expect there should be some more useful ways.

And here comes the Content Marketing.

But what is content marketing? Have you ever asked yourself this question in deep? Don’t worry, we are here to help and answer our questions.

Content marketing is a necessary marketing strategy concentrated on building and sharing worthy, relevant, and steady content.

It tries to bring and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to make successful customer progress.

Typically, the aim is to use the publication and promotion of content to make website traffic organically, improve qualified lead generation, and (eventually) enable the sales team to close more goals faster.

A successful content marketing strategy catches all stages of the customer journey.

Content Marketing

In this blog post, we are happy to show you the real power of content marketing by providing 5 examples of companies that use content marketing and what you can learn from them.

For  now, let’s find out the most five companies that use Content Marketing:

1)    Neil Patel & Content Marketing:


Neil Patel is the leader of content marketing. Neil’s blog consistently pumps out high-quality material that genuinely gets social media shares and ranks high in the SERPs.

He performs a hub-and-spoke approach where you publish one principal section of content as the “hub” and then insert several “spokes,” or different sorts of content on the related topic, that connects back to it.


In short, this process concentrates on picking one core part of the content, which is usually more common in focus like: “cold-outreach emails.”

The parts, or group content, delve into the threads of longer-tail keywords associated with the center. In the above case, that could be cold outreach email follow-up cold email templates, tools for cold emails, and timings.

You then link the center content to the cluster sections and apply the related keyword.

Practicing the hub method determines that if someone searches for “Instagram marketing guide,” Neil Patel’s blog appears first.

Later if they want to jump deep inside a particular section of the topic; they will see the links within the center content piece, improving their time-on-site and thus showing Google that the content is relevant.

2)    HubSpot & Content Marketing:


We can’t talk about companies that use content marketing without considering HubSpot!

They write high-performing SEO content, and each blog post optimized for conversions.

Many marketers concentrate on cranking out content without centering on the most critical part, moving possible customers towards the sale. HubSpot doesn’t make this mistake.

When customers realize they have a precise pain point, 71.9% of them tend to Google to get the answer.

Typically, these initial search terms are high level and looking for general information.

For example, someone may have heard that content marketing can help but isn’t sure how to set up a plan. HubSpot has a part of the content that is excellent for people at this step:

Content Marketing Example

HubSpot is ready for users at each stage of their purchase journey. They have everything set and waiting so they can quickly move customers from one level to the following.

3)    TED & Content Marketing:


Except you’ve been sneaking under a rock, you’re most likely familiar with TED talks. TED hosts organizations around the globe where influencers and specialists provide quick, timed discussions around their field of specialization.

These usually engaging and educative videos are shared all over social media and in blog posts.

However, did you also acknowledge that TED is a vital company that uses content-marketing?

It isn’t that they present marketing services in the form that HubSpot does. But they are surely leaders to the Space that they’ve leveraged in-person events to generate high-quality educational substance and made it possible and easy for anyone who wants it.

They now have over 16.8 million YouTube subscribers only on their main channel. With 8 million people receiving a notification each time a new video is uploaded.

It’s obvious to recognize the importance of high-grade content marketing, as well as the impression TED now uses.

TED’s primary platform is YouTube, of course, where they upload a new video almost daily and also propose videos about content marketing itself. It estimated that their videos had viewed over a billion times.

4)    Buffer & Content Marketing:


Buffer is one of the best companies that use content marketing due to its three-pronged content marketing strategy.

The company used guest-blogging to feed their first germination, writing a couple of times a day, and publishing content on large visibility sites.

That increase hacking strategy helped Buffer bring their first 100,000 users.

On Buffer’s blog, the company focused initially been on writing for the people who inspired their customers, providing highly shareable and high-quality content.

Buffer now has four blogs, (including the Transparency blog and Open blog), where they have shared business ups and downs over the times. And also, they share their most useful content through a consistent email marketing strategy.

The results express their success; Buffer is a highly recognized and trusted brand, with almost 400,000 users, and around a million followers across multiple social media sites.

5)    SpaceX & Content Marketing:


And at last, SpaceX is Elon Musk’s company, which reinvigorated the space race by severing the prices of getting into the field through reusable rockets.

An example of unusual courageous content marketing is SpaceX’s blooper reel of rocket landings.

The video tells us that it’s not so straightforward landing rocket boosters and leads us into some of the explosive failed tries.

Given that these rockets are expensive, and the enormous explosions involved are incredibly critical, it was a dangerous move to add humorous music and cheeky subtitles.

But the result is very observable and explains the rapid process that was performed. SpaceX is now routinely landing missile boosters.

SpaceX broadcasts live broadcasts all of its launches, and even has presenters who direct the audience through each step. The lesson here is how SpaceX has the start.

All of these launches are likely to get worse. There is a real death-threat in them, not to be mentioned hundreds of millions of bucks at stake.

Preferably than allow any failures to be painted in an adverse condition, SpaceX takes control of the narrative. Describing the requirement for experimentation in pushing the technology ahead.

Elon Musk has his depreciators, but starting a Tesla Roadster into Space was an extra genius move, creating iconic memories that will go down in history.

The live video reached an audience of 2.3 million simultaneous viewers on YouTube. Making it the second-most-viewed video ever (behind the Felix Baumgartner leap from Space). And that was the fifth company that uses content marketing.

In conclusion, Buyers and customers now are inundated by more marketing messages than before—more than 2,900 per day by modern estimations.

This makes an environment of consideration scarcity, asking, and challenging marketers with the task of creating engaging content that won’t become lost in the static.

A well-crafted Content Marketing procedure puts your business in the position of a thought leader, building brand decisions as you inform and educate customers.

Giving helpful and entertaining content can establish a strong bond between your brand and customers that remains to expand over-time.

So, it can be said that Content Marketing is an essential marketing strategy. As we saw, it’s also a successful one. 

Content Marketing

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