Before We Start, What Do You Know About Blogs In General?

A blog (shortening of “weblog“) is an online review or informational & educational website or webpage showcasing information in the reverse chronological order, with the freshest posts appearing first.

It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their opinions, ideas, or information on a specific topic, which may be general or professional according to the company or the writer goals.


What Is The Purpose of The Blog?

As a business, you rely on customers to keep purchasing your services and products.

As a new company, you rely on blogging to help you get to these customers and take their consideration.

Without blogging, your website would stay undetectable, whereas running a blog makes you searchable and competitive.

So, the primary goal of a blog is to connect you to the relevant audience. Another one is to increase your traffic, send quality leads to your website, and optimize your SEO.

Blogs And Marketing

But on the other side, there looks to be a lot of noise regarding the “death of blogs.” In a society with so many bright shots to chase like Instagram and Snapchat, are blogs dead? Or are they getting old!?

Of course not! Let us begin by asking ourselves the following question:

What are the advantages of blogs nowadays? And why they are not dead?

1)    Blogging Leads You The Audience That Cares:

Let’s think about this for a moment. How does somebody end up on your blog?

Situation 1: They have observed you on social media and liked your content so much that they have decided to know you and see your work.

Situation 2: They were looking for explanations on Google (or any search engine) and ended up reading one of your articles in the niche they care about it.

Situation 3: You’ve shared your URL with someone that showed interested in your work in real life.

In all cases, people that visit your blog already have a more stable connection with you than any of your social media followers.

Those people already acknowledge at least a bit about you, plus they are more willing to join and likely even become your clients once they visit your blog.

While it’s usual to have random people following your Instagram, just because you have millions of followers on Pinterest, or you post attractive selfies, your blog’s audience is deserving most of your efforts.

You see, your casual social media followers most probably won’t bring you any real engagement or purchase products from you.

At the same moment, your blog readers are the most faithful fans that you need to appreciate the most.

The most worthy thing you could do for yourself is to keep requesting your followers on social media to visit your blog & turn them into faithful readers!

2)    Blogs Make Authority:

posting quality content on a website is one step to tell people you understand what you’re talking about.

Longform informational content, studies, infographics, and white papers posted on a blog can set you aside from other businesses.

A blog can also work as your writing or design portfolio.

If you don’t have time to write, videos posted on a blog with video notes can do the job as well.

High-quality blog posts published biweekly, weekly, or even monthly, could boost your authority.

Write a Blog around topics that people are searching for and use related keywords to drive more traffic to your website.

Search engines promote the most consistent and modern content, so consistently blogging and frequently updating your post can increase your ranking in search engines as well.

3)    There’s Money to Make:

Blogging can improve your primary business, and it can make lots of money.

With monetization tactics, like affiliate marketing and ads, you can gain extra income from the people who reads your blog.

To get started with affiliate marketing, begin to browse affiliate networks, or go instantly to the website of products you often suggest to see if the business has an affiliate system.

People who prefer products as an affiliate get a commission if someone buys a product inside their affiliate link.

4)    It Makes You Dig Deep Into The Topic:

Many searches have now proved that shorter posts serve better on Facebook. According to the search, posts that use captions of 100 to 119 characters get the best engagement.

However, what can be appropriately analyzed in 100 words?

The same applies to all other social media platforms. Users are only looking for quick, entertaining content while using these platforms.

But, if you’re working to show your real experience, you will need to get people out of social media onto the platform that lets you go deep into the subject of your field.

Blogs are just having all the perfect qualities for that. Most of the no.1 articles on Google use 2000+ words or over 10000 characters!

Do you see the difference? Your audience can look at your pictures and read captions on social media, but if you’re ready to show your knowledge in precise fields- there’s no better place than a blog for that.

5)    A Blog Can Connect Everything You Make Online:

If you appear like you’re creating a lot of content elsewhere, your blog can help you as an excellent position to connect and to show on all of your work.

Your followers on Instagram may also be engaged in your podcast or video tutorials. Still, it can get pretty messy if you decide to include all of your activity in those brief captions.

That is where having a blog becomes in handy; You can use your blog to deliver the most beneficial talent in one place.

Blogs let you share any content immediately with the help of thousands of open plugins and services.

That means you can also throw yourself to brands and customers by only sending them an original link that connects all of your actions in one place.

Blogs Advantages

6)    Contenting Marketing & Blogs Will Boost Traffic:

Blogging is a sort of content marketing. Content marketing is creating various content such as blogs and social media posts to lead awareness of your business.

The most important thing about blogging is that writing with a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can earn traffic to your website, which means more possibility to convert people into email subscribers or customers.

Search engine optimization is optimizing your content for keywords that people use, so you come up in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Your blog should have a strategic and confidence plan; otherwise, it can be worthless.

If you want further information about content marketing, you can check our blog 5 Companies That Use Content Marketing.

7)    SEO (Search Engine Optimizations):

Do Blogs Actually Improve SEO?

Yes, they do. That was an easy answer. But having a blog isn’t in itself a ranking indicator.

Bloggs are excellent for SEO because they help with a lot of things that are essential ranking factors.

When your blog is regularly updated with blog posts that have high-quality content and on topics related to your real audience, it could make a significant difference in how your website performs in the search engines.

In general, there are six main reasons:

–        Blogs keep your site fresh.

–        Blogs keep people on your website for a longer time.

–        Blogs assist you to target long-tail keywords.

–        Blogs provide the chances for internal links.

–        High-Quality blogs give you backlinks for your website (Offsite SEO).

–        A blog can help Google Crawlers to index your content better.

Blog And SEO

By now, an important question will come to our minds.

What are the companies that still use blogging?

Doesn’t Make sense!?

Besides, other Several companies are still using blogs like: (Adsepresso, Whole Foods, Bomgar Insider, Insightly, The Pioneer Woman, Kissmetrics, Virgin Airlines, Careful Cents, and many others).

So, if you still wondering: are blogs dead? You can see the success of those companies with the advantages of blogs these days, and then you can decide.

Blogs Are Win

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