Content marketing is a necessary marketing strategy, and most companies realize how important a digital strategy is in their businesses.

So, many Companies Are Using Content Marketing nowadays to skyrocket their businesses.

Currently, 87% of B2B marketers make content marketing an essential part of their marketing plan.

content is king

In order to connect with clients, increase conversion rates, and increase brand awareness through content marketing, it is wise to put the strategy in the hands of a professional.

A content marketing specialist with a strong business ethic that can drive your marketing campaigns, design, maintain them, and facilitate all aspects of content creation. This can be a valuable advantage to your business.

Today we are going to highlight what a content marketing specialist means.

And show you what skills are required to choose the right content marketing specialist and their average salaries.

As A Start, Who Is The  Content Marketing Specialist?

Content Marketing Specialist

Content marketing specialists are creative visionaries in the business.

When you visit a website and read a blog post, article, or any other part of the content for that matter.

Then, you should know that a content marketing specialist has built it.

Through the content creation process, those writers research a topic, find the interesting points, create grabbing titles, and expertly craft their articles.

During the procedure, content marketing specialists engage with editors and other writers to find new article ideas and determine what sorts of content their readers want to view.

content marketer

What are the Basic Duties?

Content Marketing specialists give imaginative information to marketing projects and campaigns.

In addition, they work with external marketing teams, companies, and experts to develop compelling reports and texts that are audience-specific.

Thus, they may use a mixture of marketing resources and analysis associated with testimonials, white papers, press releases, product videos, case studies, and how-to guides.

Marketing specialists create product messaging and positioning analysis used for inbound and outbound sales assets, programs, and explication outlines.

They sometimes partner with service management or product and business development experts to determine and examine value propositions, advantages, and functionality.

They may work with sales, marketing, development, management, and product research teams to start new products, existing lines, and retire inferior performing products.

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What Are The Required Qualifications?

Content Marketing specialists typically have at least five years of marketing expertise in a project, advertising, corporate, or marketing environment.

They need to understand niche client markets deeply, or they may need to have a knowledgeable understanding of B2B environments and marketing relationships.

They must be very organized go-getters with proven project superintendence skills.

That means they require to have exceptional verbal and written communication skills.

So, most businesses want marketing specialists who have experience in profitability reports, social media, ROI analysis, financial analysis, creative development, direct marketing, and business case justifications.

Additionally, They must know:

  • Business requirements.
  • Strategic marketing.
  • Competing environments.
  • Plan development.
  • Client relationship building.
  • Vendor management.
  • Print production processes.
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What Are The Job Requirements:

The ability to produce grammatically sound and attractive copy:

Nothing unusual here. A content marketing specialist should understand everything about writing.

However, with supplementary skills thrown in the mix, (keyword research, scheming graphs in excel sheets, and operating a collection of software), several companies miss out on the obvious.

To set it into perspective, 30% of college graduates have inadequate writing skills.

Moreover, tweeting, texting and other kinds of online communication have taken a fee on how entirely people write and spell, feeding the need for content marketing experts who can produce a nifty sentence.

A right content specialist requires a wide range of skills:

Besides having perfect literacy and communication skills, a strong knowledge of human psychology, courage, and a proactive approach.

It is crucial to know how marketing works and be able to create not just content but a strategy.

Marketing is a foundation stone of a successful content strategy.

In April 2019, only 23% of the job offered mentioned marketing as desirable, and has now risen to 81%!

Social media:

Social media is also becoming more critical for content marketers (in half a year; the share of this skill rose from 46% to 50%).

Content marketing specialist has to be familiar with SEO:

Great content that never appears in SERP makes no sense, but poor content will never get there. 38% of job vacancies required basic SEO knowledge.

A content marketer should be a researcher and needs to possess the skills of finding and analyzing information:

37% of employers mentioned research skills in their job description.

29% said they wanted to see analytical skills in the ideal candidate.

17% expected that future employees would be good at working with metrics and tracking the results.

Excellent editing skills:

25% of the jobs looked for a person with excellent editing skills, but it’s most likely that this skill is assumed, as it is 100% obligatory for a content specialist.

Email marketing:

Email marketing is still an essential field of content marketing, and in 11% of the job offers, this was listed as a desirable skill.

Some platforms familiarity:

It is also useful to be familiar with HTML (10%) and WordPress (9%) platforms.

Be good at proofreading (7%), and have a basic knowledge of CSS (4%).

Personal skills:

Among soft skills essential for a great content marketing specialist, employers mentioned leadership (21%).

Respect for deadlines (19%).

Written communication (8%).

Additionally, these skills are essential for a specialist who wants to work in a team and expected to be comfortable carrying out multiple tasks.

Programs familiarity:

Some employers indicated particular programs and platforms that they routinely use, but some are more popular than others.

12% of job vacancies mentioned knowledge of Adobe products as desirable. Some programs meant by default.

Although Microsoft Office said in only 4% of the job offers, obviously it is a fairly standard requirement.

Tools familiarity:

Salesforce mentioned in 8% of the job offers, Hubspot — in 5%, Marketo — in 4%, SEMrush, and Moz — in 2%.

content marketing

What Is A Content Marketing Specialist’s Salary:

As of Apr 15, 2020, the basic annual salary for a Marketing Content Specialist in the US is $53,347 a year.

(The Marketing Content Specialist) job market (marketing content specialist) in Fremont, California, including the encompassing area, is very active.

The Marketing Content Specialists in that area are making, on average, $60,475 per year or $7,128 (13%) more than the national average annual salary of $53,347.

Content marketers salaries

And the average salary for a Content Marketing Specialist is £25,420 in the UK.

In Conclusion, gone are the days of concentrating on a traditional process.

So, It’s time to recognize the value that comes with hiring a content marketing specialist.

Finally, we can say that a content marketing specialist can build a highly targeted and compelling content transmission process to brings awareness to your brand in a cost-effective and customizable way.

Content Marketing Specialist

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