If you are looking for more sales, more traffic and more leads then copywriting is what matters.

In the age of video and podcasts, does it still matter?

Of course, copywriting is the most effective way when using it optimally!

We will now give you some tips that make you one of the best copywriters in 2020.


1) Identify Your Targeted Audience:

As a copywriter, knowing who you are speaking to is the first thing you need to identify.

Your audience will determine each part of your copy from the difficulties you may face to the personality and advantages that you should highlight.

So, if you couldn’t identify your targeted audience, you’ve failed in copywriting.

2) Identify Your Copy’s Objective:

Like you need to know who is your targeted audience, you should understand what you are trying to achieve by speaking with them.

In short, your copy should have clear goals before you write a word.

Ask yourself what do you want from your targeted audience to do after reading your content.

3) Each Line Of Your Content Should Work As a Motivator:

Copywriting should have the words magical effect.

Moreover, the purpose of lines in copywriting is to get the reader to continue reading until the end.

So, you make sure that your message was successfully received.

For sure, we shouldn’t forget about the action you want your audience to take.

It is not that hard; ask yourself after each paragraph if this line motivates the reader to read much more?

If not, then make a more significant effort in copywriting.

content is king

4) Focus On Your Costumer’s Needs:

The only thing that matters is your audience’s desires.

You may think that talking about how great devices you use or your company lifestyle will make a difference.

Big no!!

Customers are humans at the end, and as humans, they care most about their needs.

So please make sure to highly concentrate on what they want and make your copy connected to them.

You can use your audience language, the language they use each day, the language they think, and communicate with you.

5) Be Clear:

The truth is that the essential element of great copywriting is clarity.

Since your goal is to convey some message, make your content as clear as possible to meet your customer’s needs.

I know that you are wondering about how to be clear in copywriting, just cover all the details.

People like to be detailed so they can trust you and receive your message the best way.

words have power

6) Simplify It:

You have limited space and time to deliver your value and catch your reader’s attention in the copywriting field.

Take the easy way and say what you want with fewer and simpler words.

7) Repeat Key Points:

Repeating is an incredibly useful way if you want to convince someone of a specific idea.

Determine the main points you are trying to make and then repeat them many times.

When repeating, it is better to use different words with the same meaning.

8) Support Your Writing With Proofs:

You can use data, examples, case studies, reviews, statistics, etc.,   to make your copy powerful.

Even better, you can take your content directly from sources, so you become more reliable in your copywriting process.

copywriting and facts

9) Consider Your Customer’s Emotions:

As people, we rarely make decisions that rely entirely on logic because our emotions usually dictate our behavior.

Moreover, feel free to use this point, understand your customer’s emotions, and then speak to those emotions.

10) Establish Trust And Credibility:

People want to buy things from brands they trust.

So, it matters who is providing services or selling products.

Then, it would help if you focused on showing authority and credibility so you can gain their trust.

To build bonds of trust, then mention awards, highlights, and features.

You can also highlight your social proof and cite reliability metrics.

So, never hesitate to talk about the problems you’ve solved.


11) Avoid Distraction:

Sometimes when you’re writing, you feel like having enough ideas and words, but there are many distractors.

You’re having trouble focusing; in this case, all you need to do is minimize background noise and avoid distractors like mobile phones, social media, or even people.

Eliminate what distracts you as much as possible and think about the writing you have to finish.

12) Think Out Of The Box:

Never wait to try strange and different things.

Things may go better than you expect, and your new ideas may succeed in attracting customers’ attention.

Brainstorming will be useful to see what new ideas may spark.

Open your eyes to expand your horizon and give yourself a chance to innovate a new way of thinking and communicating.


13) Make Your Visual Identity:

Make your content eye-catching.

Today, with plenty of content online. If yours doesn’t have a visual identity, it won’t attract readers.

But how to have engaging and unique content?

Please choose the right font type and make sure that it is big enough to read.

  • Short paragraphs.
  • Numbered lists.
  • Headings and subheadings.

14) Use Comparisons:

As humans, we understand better through comparison.

In other words, our brains are excellent at comparing things, connecting between them, and recognizing patterns.

So, comparisons and analogies are powerful writing tools for persuading.

They are amazing at adding an existing set of emotions into your writing, even if it doesn’t usually include this kind of feeling.


15) Predict Objections And Accept Them:

It is one of the best writing ways you can ever use in your copywriting.

Although you may feel that objections can negatively affect your sales, I can tell you that this can be wrong.

If the objection was reasonable, fix what needs to be corrected, solve the problem immediately, and inform the customer what you have done.

The previous methods will give you more credibility.

16) Use Your Introduction As a Motivator:

Your introduction is important to attract your reader’s attention.

Additionally, It should encourage people to continue reading.

The introduction is the first part your customer will see, and it can make him keep reading or leave your site.

Make the introduction short and brief.

But make sure that it covers what you need to motivate your client.

17) Show Appreciation:

When your customers give you their emails or make a purchase, they trust you enough to do so.

Moreover, let them feel you appreciate what they did.

Please, always say thanks.

In Conclusion:

Content writing is an art, and like all other arts, it needs creativity and innovation.

And please remember, don’t ever exaggerate; honest lines will feel warmer, don’t kill your personality in copywriting; the most significant things are real ones.

additionally, find tension because difference creates interest.

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